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Launch of Adam-HD

At High Performance Media Technology, we like to keep ahead of the rest and that’s why we have the largest and the best range of picture monitors in the UK – period. We’ve the smallest, the biggest, the simplest, the most colour accurate and we delivered the first 4K monitors some 4 years ago. The very essence of what we do is driven by our customers who appreciate our expertise and unbiased advice as well as having a greater choice of sizes and specifications so that get exactly what they need.

Adam-HD is probably, the most useful monitor you’ll ever buy – it’s amazingly useful in fact and is equally at home with system engineers as it is out in the field monitoring a production. This tiny, palm size, self-powered 2.8” monitor has an autosensing 3G/HD/SDI-SDI input for up to 2K signals. Beautifully engineered, it’s pictures sparkle with clarity and detail and it is packed with technology, especially for such a small monitor that comfortably fits in the palm of your hand; there’s a signal format display, 2 channels of audio meters, a speaker and a headphone socket for monitoring audio. The user adjustable brightness, contrast and chroma adjustments allow you to adjust the monitor precisely for your work.

Adam-HD Features:

- 2.8" Colour screen

- Internal battery

- Brilliant pictures

- HD up to 2K

- 3G/HD/SD input

- Audio meters

- Speaker

- Headphone socket

- Signal format display

- User adjustable screen

- Lightweight

- High quality manufacture

Adam-HD makes your life easier, with no power supplies or batteries to worry about because it has its own internal rechargeable battery that will power you through for up to 2 hours. The automatic power save mode and battery status indicators helps you optimise the running time and lets you know when things are running low. There’s no cumbersome or expensive chargers as all you need is a USB port to recharge Adam-HD and keep you running all day.

Adam-HD is an amazing picture monitor with a thousand uses. It makes a great little field monitor, is fantastic with mini cameras and equally at home checking cables paths in fixed installations. To find out more or to request a ‘demo’ please call us now to find out more or click HERE for more information.

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