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The world's first modular, multichannel USB recorder is Buzz

DTL High Performance Solutions is renowned as one of the UK's foremost broadcast equipment suppliers and 'challenger' company with 3000 products that do more and cost less. It has an unprecedented reputation for innovation and is pleased to announce the Buzz-USB, the world's first modular, multi-channel USB recorder.

Just in case you missed it, High Performance Media Technology and one of the UK oldest broadcast manufacturers, DTL Broadcast, the latter with 35 years of experience under their belt, joined forces in January this year. Since then they have revamped the DTL brand and introduced some unique, practical and affordable new products to the DTL brand that challenge the established 'order'. The newest of these is Buzz-USB which is the world's first, modular, multi-channel USB recorder. It has been designed in concert with the UKs leading OB companies and is primarily aimed at sports production but flexible enough to be used for compliance and proxy recording for television and film production plus security applications. This compact, lightweight product has a capacity for up to 5 USB recorders in a single 1RU chassis. It is available in 5 different configurations and can record up to five separate signals simultaneously, yet is flexible enough to simultaneously record up to five copies of a video (and embedded audio) signal. Using the latest H264 signal processing, the MP-4 files created are the highest quality with up to 10Mb/s record data rates. The recordings can be played back on any desktop, laptop of note book computer and even used for streaming tv services. What's more, Buzz-USB is designed for live sports and is simple and fast to use with red START/STOP buttons on the front and no complex and time consuming menus. Recordings can be up to 8Gb in size or up to 2 hours in time. Starting at just 1549, it's very affordable and certainly a very cost way to record proxy and compliance files.

"This has been a very exciting project and we've produced a state of the art USB recorder in a record time following demand from our OB customers" says Steve Hathaway, Head of Development. He adds "Buzz-USB takes USB recording to another level and we anticipate plenty of demand for this product because it answers the need for high performance, flexible USB recording at an affordable price"

For further information about Buzz-USB please contact High Performance Media Technology on +44 8707 4 62062, email or check it out at

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